Shark Attack Central: These US States See The Most Bite



People are sunbathing and playing in the ocean waves on beaches across this summer. Many are unaware that they may be visiting one of the most dangerous US beaches. 

Florida is the "Shark Attack Capital of the World" and New Smyrna Beach is America's most deadly. This title is justified by 242 shark attacks in the past decade. 


Hawaii's most gorgeous beaches attract swimmers with their warm seas. To stay cautious, remember that sharks live off Hawaii's shore. 


Sharks strike in South Carolina, which may surprise some. In this part of the Carolinas, 44 persons were bitten between 2013 and 2023, but none died. 

South Carolina

South and North Carolina have warm enough waters to swim from May to September. Because of this, shark encounters are best in these months. 

North Carolina

While California does not have the warm water of other shark-attacking areas, sharks are nevertheless lurking off some of its most gorgeous beaches,  


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