Simple Top 8+ Belly fat reduce Exercise

Easy burpees work the complete body and require no equipment. You can do them anywhere. Burpees work your back, arms, chest, legs, and glutes, burning energy and reducing fat.  

1. Burpee

Bicycle crunches improve abdominal muscles by combining torso and hip flexion with torso rotation.  

2. Bicycle crunch

The cross-body mountain climber is a tough move that tones muscles by speeding up the heart rate, burning fat, and making the stomach muscles stronger.  

3. Cross-body mountain climber 

The isometric plank position is effective for belly fat loss and muscular tone. Because muscles actively hold you in place.    

4. Plank

The reverse crunch is a great exercise for shaping your waist and toning the muscles that are located in the lower area of your stomach.

5. Reverse crunch

The floor sit-up is performed with the intention of shaping the waist, as this helps to define the upper abdominal muscles.     

6. Floor sit-up

You can raise your legs on a yoga ball or chair while doing this crunch, or you can hold your legs up high.

7. Crunch with elevated leg

This yoga-inspired practice tones the abs. This exercise is done in V position with only the glutes touching the floor.

8. V-crunch

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