Simplest Yoga poses for a gorgeous back

The spine is gently stretched and mobilised by this simple backbend. Doing this pose expands your neck, shoulders, and torso as well.  

1. Cat-Cow

Restful and energising is this classic forward bend. Back discomfort and sciatica might be relieved by working on this posture. It increases strength and helps the body balance out itself.  

2. Downward-Facing Dog

This classic standing pose may relieve back, sciatica, and neck problems. The spine, hips, groyne, shoulders, chest, and legs are stretched and strengthened. Additionally, it may reduce stress and anxiety.  

3. Extended Triangle 

This mild backbend enhances the strength of your spine and buttocks. It facilitates the expansion of your thorax, shoulders, and abdomen. Additionally, it may serve to alleviate tension.  

4. Sphinx Pose 

A simple backbend extends your abdominal, chest, and shoulders. Practise this pose to strengthen your spine and relieve sciatica. It may also reduce back pain-related tension and weariness.  

5. Cobra Pose 

This mild backbend may be beneficial in alleviating fatigue and lower back pain. It fortifies the back, torso, arms, and thighs.  

6. Locust Pose 

This is a backbend and inversion that can be either restorative or stimulating. It may alleviate headaches and backaches by stretching the vertebrae.  

7. Bridge Pose 

This twisting stance recharges your spine and relieves backache. Stretches hips, shoulders, and neck. This stance reduces fatigue and stimulates organs.  

8. Half Lord of the Fishes 

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