Soldiers to Sidelines founder on a mission to help veterans and give back to the community

Harrison Bernstein wanted to coach football. Bernstein finally got his shot in 2019, but his coaching passion changed.  He gave up his dream to respect a kind community.   

Soldiers to Sidelines president Harrison Bernstein started the veterans program in 2010. Side Soldiers Bernstein's military NGO Troops to Sidelines helps soldiers and teens discover meaning.   

After three years as a Washington Commanders assistant strength and conditioning coach, Bernstein founded Soldiers to Sidelines in 2010, Fox News Digital said.   

"And so it was actually a colleague who suggested that we bring some of the local veterans out to high school football practice and make them part of the team and teach them how to coach football."   

Bernstein opposed it originally. His NFL coaching improved.  Remember my NFL return and defensive back coaching goal? Wishful thinking." Bernstein persuaded six to learn. The birth of Soldiers to Sidelines startled Bernstein.   

After meeting veterans and service members and seeing how it changed their lives, hearing deep stories about people coping with the worst decision and finding meaning inspired me. Spare top-tier football coaching."   

Eight sports have almost 1,800 licensed "soldier coaches". Certified coaches include 38% veterans, 25% retired, and 27% active.   

The program is free for veterans, military spouses, and gold-star families. Soldiers to Sidelines offers seminars, workshops, and online training after certification.   

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