State of squatting: America is at a 'turning point,' says handyman who helps people reclaim their home

A handyman who became famous for out-squatting the squatters in his mother's house says that while news of illegal occupiers taking over houses shock many, there seems to be a national unwillingness to intervene .

"Our country is so upside down in so many ways," Flash Shelton told Fox News. "Not just squatters. I suppose we're fixing much." Shelton went global last year after posting a video about evicting squatters from his mother's California house for sale.  

Global clients engage him to remove squatters. He gets the most questions in New York, Seattle, and California, but Shelton said squatting is a "major problem" everywhere and he's trying to convince federal officials to act.  

A repeat squatter broke into a Louisiana couple's home twice in a year and tried to sell it. Squatters invaded two Chicago women's attempts to sell their parents' homes earlier this year, sparking costly legal fights.  

"Like finding a gap. Shelton said squatters think they can live rent-free. He stated many squatters he's dealt with had jobs and money yet cheated.  

"Unfortunately, people are losing their homes over it," adds. "They're taking everything from these homeowners, and it's heartbreaking to watch."  

After paying tens of thousands to remove trespassers and fix their properties, squatter victims across are tired of being landlords.  

When asked if squatting must get worse before towns interfere, Shelton answered, "We're already at ‘worse,’" "We're already at the turning point where we need to do something."  

Shelton opposed victimisation until states protect squatters. He advised homeowners to install alarms and cameras to prevent squatters and prove access.  

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