Texas teen delivers clapback after grumpy customer curses at her: 'We don't need your business'

A brave Texas snow cone stand youngster confronted an adult woman who was called a harsh name over a $6 misunderstanding.  

A viral video showed two young girls working at Keke's Snow Balls in Willis, Texas, on Saturday interacting with an adult woman in a floral shirt and sunglasses.  

The woman approached the local shop window and protested that she had payed $6 so her daughter could pick up a snow cone later.   

The video has over 15 million TikTok views. "I came up here by myself and I paid for a snow cone plus six extra dollars, so when she wanted a snow cone she could come up here and get it," the adult woman says. "Y'all didn't give her the snow cone."  

The 17-year-old manager, who saw her coworker and the woman fight, steps up to the counter, unlocks the cash register, and gives the unhappy client $6. "Here you go," the teen says as he returns her money.  

The teen closes the ordering window and knocks down the outer counter's wooden sign as the adult leaves. The other young worker says, "Oh, no," as the grumpy woman storms the stand.   

The teen immediately corrects the older woman. Ma'am, stop acting like that. Adult woman! You're an adult, I'm 17 "said the girl. Leave now. Return no more. Return no more. No need for your business."  

The video caption stated that the organisation rarely had the chance to "highlight mistreatment to staff."  

"I applaud our supervisor's response. Businesses sometimes receive complaints, but staff harassment is unusual "local business wrote. "We have permission from our employee’s parents to post this, with the customer’s face blurred out."  

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