Tracking Beryl: Conditions in Jamaica expected to deteriorate ahead of hurricane's arrival Wednesday

Kingston, Jamaica— Hurricane Beryl, which threatened Jamaica and the Cayman Islands Wednesday, dropped to a Category 4 hurricane Tuesday.   

After making landfall Monday at Carriacou Island, Grenada, Category 4 storm Beryl will continue with 150 mph winds. Surveys may boost the death toll from six, island officials worry.  

Residents of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands are waiting for Hurricane Beryl and making last-minute preparations. They hope the hurricane will veer south and miss them.  

It may feel the storm's full impact if its eye passes south of the island in hours. Government officials indicated they'll respond whether Jamaica is directly damaged.  

Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness held a news conference on Monday to advise Caribbean residents to be "in a high state of readiness and preparedness" as Hurricane Beryl approaches.  

"We have an impending disaster, and we have to treat it with the seriousness that it requires," stated. "We will have some adverse weather impacts, whether it’s a direct hit or a glancing blow, and therefore, everyone needs to be now in a mental state of readiness."  

Hurricane Beryl will close all government offices save those delivering essential services in the afternoon, Holness said Tuesday.  

"Citizens are encouraged to use this time to prepare for the hurricane by securing their property and getting relevant items to last up to three days or until the hurricane passes," said a post.  

As Jamaica prepares for Hurricane Beryl, Science, Energy, Telecommunications, and Transport Minister Daryl Vaz stated telecom companies had emergency preparations.  

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