Tulsa, Oklahoma is named official capital of Route 66: 'Exciting day'

Enjoy our great nation.Tulsa is US Route 66 copyright capital.  Capital of Route 66 is Tulsa.  A media report states that the Tulsa Route 66 Commission, an official City of Tulsa entity, acquired.   

The copyright on "Capital of Route 66" to establish Tulsa's Route 66 legacy.  Research and surveys guided this two-year process.Government approval came in April.  Route 66 replaced 1926road.    

Chicago to LA is 2,448 km on Route66roadtrip.com.  "In our region, Tulsa has long been known as the Capital of Route 66," commented commission chair Josh Stout.   

"Now officially recognized, this will give our businesses and residents along Tulsa’s stretch of the most famous road in the world the proper recognition on a more national and even international scale," said he.   

"As we build toward the 2026 centennial celebrations, our continued development of the authentic 66 tourism experience is in … overdrive," notes.  

"Tulsa and Route 66 are deeply connected with the Mother Road running through our city," Press Release Mayor G.T. Bynum remarked.   

"Route 66 is an integral part of Tulsa’s identity, and we’ve long been known as the Capital of Route 66," Bynum adds.  "To have this official designation is an exciting day for Tulsa, our region and the state of Oklahoma."   

Gateway Arches span 28 miles of Tulsa Route 66 along this panel.   Legal copyright will strengthen Tulsa's Route 66 legacy, the group said.  

On June 27, 1985, the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials decertified Route 66 and removed its highway signs after 59 years, according to History.com.  

Rout 66 has many Tulsa connections.  Route 66 was sponsored by Tulsa-founded US 66 Highway Association.  Tourists visit 66.  

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