Walz and other Democratic governors meeting at White House following Biden's debate performance

On Tuesday and Wednesday's Democratic governors' White House meeting to discuss the presidential campaign, Gov. Tim Walz discusses Mankato Rapidan Dam flooding.  

Democratic leaders, including Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz, will meet with the White House on Wednesday to discuss President Joe Biden's poor debate performance, the 2024 election, and down-ballot contests.  

Democratic Governors Association leader Walz said governors discussed "what was obviously a poor performance in last Thursday's debate."  

"Governors are asking questions about, 'What is the plan, how are we going to do this, how are we going to message this?'" Following a Tuesday state flooding briefing, Walz said.  

"Especially with yesterday's Supreme Court decision, the threat seems very real that we will have a shift in how our country does business, more towards a supreme executive and one that has unlimited power, versus ones where we have federalism and state governors have a lot of say in how things are done."  

This year, Walz heads to 11 states as the DGA's spokesperson to raise money for Democratic gubernatorial candidates. Minnesota's second-term governor campaigns nationwide during presidential elections.  

Since the debate, Biden surrogate Walz has supported the president despite Democrats' concerns over his age and second-term bid. Walz says Biden should be nominated and defeat Trump in November, while other Democrats have severe issues.  

His withdrawal has even been sought so another candidate can run. Texas Democrat Lloyd Doggett advised Biden to "make the painful and difficult decision to withdraw." on Tuesday.   

Some worry that Biden, 81, is too old to run again due to his scratchy voice and debate performance. Presidential resignation has not been confirmed by the Biden campaign.  

At the meeting, Walz indicated governors may ask about "some of the concerns we talked about." Poor debate performance, but "how does that impact how the country runs."  

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