Will July 4th, like Columbus Day, soon simply disappear?

As a child, I enjoyed Columbus Day's themes, celebrations, and parades, which FDR made a federal holiday in 1937.It always evoked adventure, the "New World," and American seed planting.   

Not always, this holiday unified Americans.Why and when was Columbus Day controversial? Many colleges held left-wing rallies against historical figures and events.   

Berkeley founded "Indigenous Peoples' Day" 1992. Honor indigenous peoples and avoid Columbus Day.  More left-leaning academics and students assaulted Columbus, spreading the movement nationwide.  

I support recognizing Native Americans and "indigenous people". Honor and preserve their great legacy. Support it, but don't compromise against history, facts, or truths that leftists may dislike.  

Harvard University (protest, racism, and prejudice hotspot) declared 2017 "Indigenous Peoples’ Day." They supported Cambridge City Council's far-left Columbus war criminal label.   

After eight years of seeing left-of-center media, academics, and "historians" distort, deny, falsify, or misinterpret overwhelming facts to smear, injure, or bring down former President Donald J.   

Is the left's view of centuries-old history accurate? Is their 500-year-old vision clear through today's warped lenses? Are the left's "facts" against Columbus accurate after eight years of history-altering?  

Experts say Columbus wanted to get along with the New World's people and stopped his crew from mistreating them.   Whether the left damaged Columbus too much, they triumphed.   

More Americans forget, reject, or ignore Columbus Day each year. That book warned of the left's rising attempts to cancel the 4th of July, the American flag, and our Founding Fathers and how to stop them.   

I wrote for Reagan at the White House, who famously said freedom is fragile and may be gone in one generation.  Many fear a generation of loss.   

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