Wyoming guy criticises intel firm's veto on bot's landmark campaign.  

This week, Wyoming's "VIC"—an AI bot running for mayor—spoke to Fox News Digital about his unusual run and devastating loss seconds before tape.  

OpenAI suspended Miller's account before his Fox News Digital interview. Miller claimed "VIC's" technology persists, but the company's choice hampered his campaign.  

Miller planned a Thursday Laramie County public event to exhibit "VIC" despite OpenAI's move. "So the iteration of ‘VIC’ that was is no longer," he said, hoping the restriction won't end AI in politics, especially Wyoming's capitol.  

My feelings are mixed. If I helped my town with new technology, I'd keep going "said. Miller advised against declaring he would vote as mayor via an AI bot to evade OpenAI's constraints.  

"They forced me to argue about open and closed models and fair access to fresh intelligence, which I didn't want to do. I just wanted to help my hometown."  

Miller never intended to run for office, especially as an AI bot, but his political experience convinced him that something had to be done to give voters transparency and accountability.  

AI and "public records advocate" are his claims. After becoming "disgruntled" with government, he recognised AI could comprehend and enforce rules without human error or "contrary" action.  

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